18 famous and well-loved young Thai actors in the Thai entertainment industry right now

With their outstanding performance and charm, these young Thai actors are well-loved and receive great support from local and international fans.

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Bright Vachirawit

2022 is still a great year of young actor Bright Vachirawit. His popularity continues growing around the world.

Surprisingly, Bright Vachirawit becomes the international brand Burberry’s first brand ambassador in South Asia Pacific.

Win Metawin

In June, “F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers” star Win Metawin attended Milan Fashion Week and had a cute moment with NCT’s Jaehyun and the actor Song Kang.

Interestingly, Win Metawin ranked #4 on the top 10 influencers with the highest value (EMV) list for Milan Fashion Week & Paris Fashion Week Menswear SS 23.

Apo Nattawin

Debuted as an actor in the 2015 drama “Sut Khaen Saen Rak”, Apo Nattawin is one of the most talented actors.

Following his performance in “KinnPorsche”, Apo Nattawin rose to fame in Thailand and many other countries.

Soon, he will have a period movie with his best co-star Mile Phakphum.

Mile Phakphum

Nanon Korapat and Ohm Pawat

Zee Pruk and Nunew Chawarin

Mew Suppasit

Gulf Kanawut

Kao Noppakao

Saint Suppapong

August Vachiravit

Bright Norraphat

Tor Thanapob

Tongtong Kitsakorn

Kem Hussawee

Euro Yotsawat

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