Here are all the new versions of popular Thai TV dramas

Here are all the new versions of popular Thai TV dramas.

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Song Sanaeha

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A new version of “Song Sanaeha” scheduled to premiere on Thai TV3 in early 2021.

This new version stars James Ma and Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas.

Mor Lum Summer

Big M Krittarit reportedly will play a couple with a gorgeous actress Sky Maria in the new TV drama remake “Mor Lum Summer”.

Keb Pandin

A new version of “Keb Pandin” produced by ‘Pau Jin Jong’ production of Thai TV3.

This drama stars Pon Nawasch, Oom Eisaya, and Ice Panuwat.

Poot Maenam Khong

The original version of “Poot Maenam Khong” got great feedback from the audiences when airing on Thai Channel 7.

A new version reportedly will be remade by Thai TV3 with the performance of Mai Warit and Oom Eisaya.

Tida Wanorn



Starring Mek Juti and Pin Charintorn, “Thida Wanorn” expected to premiere in late 2020 on Thai channel 7.

Kaew Luem Korn

A new version of “Kaew Luem Korn” stars Kang Vorakorn and Green Ausadaporn.

This new ONE 31 TV drama remake has started filming for a while.

Dao Khon La Duang

A new Thai TV3 drama remake “Dao Khon La Duang” starring Great Warintorn and Suphaphorn Wongthuaithong, expected to premiere in early 2021.

Sisa Marn

A new version of this TV drama will be remade by Thai Channel 8 and stars Smart Krissada, Jean Gaewalin, Willy McIntosh, and Yard Yardthip.

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