Thai female stars who are working in the entertainment industry as the actresses and producers

With their talent, these Thai female stars are working in the entertainment industry as actresses and also drama producers.

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Anne Thongprasom

Currently, she is producing the new drama “Bad Romeo” that Mario Maurer, and Yaya Urassaya play the leading roles.

Also, as an actress, she takes the lead role in “Karat Ruk” and works with James Jirayu for the first time.

Donut Manatsanun

She is a producer of the new drama “May December Romance” starring Ryu Vachirawich, Yam Matira, Tanin Manoonsil, and Shahkrit Yamnam.

As well, she is filming the new drama “Game Pratana” as the actress.

In this drama, she plays alongside Sam Yuranunt, Alek Teeradetch, and Nychaa Nuttanicha.

Aom Phiyada

Aom Phiyada is a producer of “Keun Ruk Salub Chata” that is airing on Thai TV3.

This drama stars Alek Teeradetch, Namtarn Pichukkana, Krating Khunnarong, and Bua Nalinthip.

As an actress, she takes the leading role in the new GMM25 drama “An Eye For An Eye” that airing on Monday and Tuesday.

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