Here are the winners from the ‘Fever Awards 2020’

Here are the winners from the ‘Fever Awards 2020’.

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Kem Hussawee

Photo: IG hussawee, bellacampen, minpechaya, jeab_pijitra, fluke_natouch, josswayar

A handsome rising actor Kem Hussawee won ‘The Best Actor in the Leading Role of 2020’ with his performance in the massive hit drama “So Wayree”.

Bella Ranee

The top actress Bella Ranee won ‘The Most Talked About Actress’ and ‘The Best Movie Actress in Leading Role’.

Min Pechaya

A freelance actress Min Pechaya won ‘The Best Actress in Leading Role of 2020’ from her role in “Sapai Import”.

Jeab Pijitra

With her great performance in “Fah Mee Tawan”, Jeab Pijitra won ‘The Best Actress in Supporting Role of 2020’ last night.

Ohm Thitiwat and Fluke Natouch

Young actors Ohm Thitiwat and Fluke Natouch won ‘The Best Shipped Couple of 2020’.

Joss Way-ar

A handsome actor Joss Way-ar took home ‘The Best Rising Actor of 2020’.

TV Drama and Series

So Wayree

Meanwhile, “So Wayree” starring Kem Hussawee and Mookda Narinrak named ‘The Best Thai Drama of 2020’.

2Gether The Series

Starring Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin, “2Gether The Series” won ‘The Best TV series of 2020’ and ‘OST Song of The Year’.

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