Here are The Winners of The Global Star Media Awards 2022

With their awesome performance in the dramas, these Thai actors and actresses are the winners of the Global Star Media Awards 2022.

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Tre Porapat and Fern Nopjira



Tre Porapat and Fern Nopjira won Rising Star Couple of The Year for their performance in “Wayla Kammathep”.

Plengkwan Nattaya

IG plengkwan.n

For her role in “The Giver”, Plengkwan Nattaya took home The Best Rising Actress of The Year.

Tor Thanapob

Doing a great job for his role in “The Giver”, Tor Thanapob received The Best Leading Actor of The Year.

Now Tisanart

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Playing a challenging role in “Mae Bia”, Now Tisanart got The Best Leading Actress of The Year.

The Giver



“The Giver” starring Tor Thanapob and Plengkwan Nattaya was chosen as The Best TV Drama of The Year.

Big M Krittarit

With his performance in “Jao Sao Jum Loei”, Big M Krittarit won The Most Popular Leading Actor of The Year.

Buang Bai Bun

IG kwang.kamolchanok

Kwang Kamolchanok – Best Actress in a Role of The Year

Joy Sirilak – Best Actress with Outstanding Performance of The Year

Makkali The Love Tree

IG maenou_cholumpi

Maenou – Outstanding producer

Mac Weerakaniz – Outstanding Leading Actor

Ling Ling Kwong – Outstanding Rising Actress

Fluke Pongsapat – Outstanding Rising Star of The Year

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