Versatile Thai Actors With Many Upcoming Projects (Part 1)

With their outstanding performances, these handsome and talented actors have many interesting upcoming projects that will catch the audience’s attention.

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Nonkul Chanon

The first actor on the list is Nonkul Chanon who has 5 fresh new projects, releasing on December 18 on GMM 25 is “Find Yourself” in which he stars alongside Aff Taksaorn.

Also, his first drama “The Office Games” with Thai Channel 3 is now streaming on Prime Video.

Notably, he already completed filming the adaptation of the Korean drama “Remember” on MONOMAX and the new series “The Outing” on VIU.

Nonkul is filming the adaptation of the Korean drama “Mouse” for True CJ Creations.

Pon Nawasch

Next, Pon Nawasch has 4 upcoming fascinating projects with various talented actresses.

Nawasch Phupantachsee already finished filming the remake of “Keb Pandin” with Ice Panuwat and Oom Eisaya for years. However, the drama hasn’t been released yet.

His new project “Thatri” also wrapped up filming and will air next year according to Thai Channel 3.

Currently, his schedule is full as he is shooting 2 new dramas “Khun Phi Jao Ka” with Bow Maylada and “Yiiiwha Datung” alongside Amanda Obdam.

Film Thanapat

Film Thanapat is the top actor on ONE 31, having 2 new dramas “Wiman See Thong”, “Game Rak Patihan”, and the new series “Thao Sri Sudachan” with Mai Davika.

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