Gulf Kanawut: The Leading Actor of ‘Duang Jai Tewaprom: Laorchan”

Gulf Kanawut was born on December 04, 1997, and made his acting debut in the 2015 Thai Channel 3 drama “Luead Mungkorn: Singh”.

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Back then, he was just 18 years old, playing the role of the young Songklod Yonwanit, the same character portrayed by Tik Jesdaporn.

In 2019, Gulf Kanawut took the role of ‘Type’ in the popular BL series “TharnType: The Series”, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

He went on to global stardom after his performance in the series, receiving much love from fans all over the globe.

In March 2021, he signed with Thai Channel 3 and took the lead role in the 2022 Thai Channel 3 drama “You’re My Makeup Artist”.

Currently, he is showing his performance alongside Gina Yeena in “Duang Jai Tewaprom: Laorchan”, airing on Friday to Sunday nights.

With his high popularity, Gulf Kanawut has collaborated with numerous international brands.

Earlier this March, he was announced as the newest brand ambassador for the luxury brand Gucci.

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