Famous Thai stars who are actually neighbors

The following famous Thai stars are actually neighbors.

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Mik Thongraya and Thisa Varitthisa

Mik Thongraya works with Thisa Varitthisa in the new drama “Sai Leurd Song Huajai”.

This drama couple lives in the same neighborhood.

Nadech Kugimiya and Weir Sukollawat

When he lived in Khon Kaen, Nadech Kugimiya’s house was near his senior actor Weir Sukollawat’s house.

That’s why A-Supachai met him by chance in Khon Kaen.

At that time, a popular manager went to meet Weir Sukollawat.

Ananda Everingham and Louis Scott

Louis Scott says that he visits Ananda Everingham’s house in Chiang Mai. He likes it and the weather is nice.

That’s why he buys the house next to him and it costs 10 million Baht.

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